Summer Internship

Dear Student,

You can access internship documents from the link below. In order to ensure that the original version of the documents is available for insurance registration, according to the regulations, you must submit the documents to the Faculty secretary’s office 30 days before starting the internship or at the latest 5 business days before. Documents received after this period will not be accepted. (Documents related to Departments and Faculties must be completed)

The following documents need to be submitted to the Secretary’s Office. (Ensure that the forms are fully signed (employer’s stamp and signature, Department head’s signature, and your signature))

  • Social Security Institution Commitment Form
  • Internship Company Approval Information Form
  • Unemployment Fund Contribution Information Form

Other documents are as follows:

*Internship Information Form (After completion of the internship, it should be filled out by the authorized personnel at the institution and sealed in an envelope, then sent to the Department Chair.)

*Compulsory Student Internship Form (It is to be provided to the employer if the employer requests documentation confirming your mandatory internship.)

*For Saturday to be considered a working day, a stamped and signed document indicating that you worked on Saturday must be obtained from the institution where the internship is being conducted. Otherwise, Saturday will not be considered a working day and the internship will not be valid.

For the Internship Regulations, please CLICK.

For the Vocational Education in Business Regulations, please CLICK.