Faculty of Law

Istanbul Gedik University Faculty of Law, which began its education in September 2019, promises a learning experience that keeps pace with the times in both theoretical and practical fields, thanks to its strong academic staff. The faculty aims to provide not only theoretical knowledge of law but also analytical and critical thinking skills, achieved by closely following changes and developments in national and international fields. Istanbul Gedik University Faculty of Law emphasizes interactive education and believes that the subjects should be learned in the classroom.

On the other hand, instead of merely adopting theoretical knowledge from books in a limited manner, the faculty prepares students for the future by giving them the ability to synthesize information through a practical approach and practical knowledge. In this context, students have the opportunity to participate in career days, internships, and certificate programs that enable them to gain experience in different fields of law while still pursuing their education. Istanbul Gedik University Faculty of Law aims to educate students as future lawyers through hypothetical case contests and law clinics. Additionally, the faculty recognizes the value of education abroad for a lawyer’s career and offers Erasmus and Exchange (Student Exchange Program) opportunities.

Understanding that legal knowledge alone cannot fully shape a lawyer, the elective course catalog offers a wide range of fields, such as foreign languages, economics, politics, history, software, and comparative law, enabling graduates to be well-rounded and equipped in every sense.

Istanbul Gedik University provides various opportunities for law graduates to specialize in their fields. It offers graduate education with comprehensive course contents in Private Law and Public Law.

Recognizing the expectations of students in university life, Istanbul Gedik University offers a variety of social, artistic, and sporting clubs and activities. Its location in the center of Istanbul offers a pleasant university life, allowing students to enhance their social aspects even amidst an intense course load.