Physics Laboratory

The foundation of natural and engineering sciences is Physics, which is a compulsory course for all first-year engineering departments at Istanbul Gedik University Faculty of Engineering. Physics serves as the starting point for many courses such as Electricity, Thermodynamics, Statics, Dynamics, Fluid Mechanics, and contributes significantly to everyday life with engineering approaches. A well-equipped Physics laboratory is essential for understanding physics and its important contributions to daily life. With the aim of providing students with a strong foundation, the Physics Laboratory was established within the Faculty of Engineering. In this laboratory, a total of 20 experiments covering mainly topics like Mechanics, Hydrostatics, Heat, Electricity, Magnetism, and Optics can be conducted in each semester.

Basic Physics Laboratory I Experiments:

  • Experiment 1. Analysis of an Experiment and Introduction to Various Measurement Devices
  • Experiment 2. Uniform Linear Motion – Uniformly Accelerated Motion
  • Experiment 3. Determination of Gravitational Acceleration – Free Fall – Projectile Motion
  • Experiment 4. Newton’s Laws of Motion
  • Experiment 5. Inclined Plane
  • Experiment 6. Elastic and Inelastic Collision – Conservation of Momentum
  • Experiment 7. Circular Motion and Conservation of Angular Momentum
  • Experiment 8. Density Measurement
  • Experiment 9. Viscosity and Surface Tension
  • Experiment 10. Heat and Temperature

Basic Physics Laboratory II Experiments:

  • Experiment 1. Application of Ohm’s Law
  • Experiment 2. Kirchhoff’s Laws
  • Experiment 3. Measurements with Oscilloscope
  • Experiment 4. Charging and Discharging of a Capacitor
  • Experiment 5. Transformer
  • Experiment 6. Wheatstone Bridge
  • Experiment 7. Magnetic Induction
  • Experiment 8. Alternating Current Circuits
  • Experiment 9. Dispersion of White Light in a Prism and Image Formation in Concave Mirror
  • Experiment 10. Image Formation in Thin Lens and Determination of Focal Length of Thick Lens