Halil Kaya Gedik, one of the first international welding engineers in Turkey, graduated from the Mechanics Department of İstanbul Yıldız Technical School in 1953, he continued his education in Germany, and graduated from the Mechanical Engineering Department of Germany Staatliche Universitat Konstantz and also from the Welding Engineering Department of DVS of German Welding Society in Frankfurt. He worked in different sections of MAN throughout his education in Germany.

Halil Kaya Gedik, started his career in the Welding Group of Eskisehir Turkish State Railways Factories in 1957.  At the beginning of 1960s,he participated in the project of producing the first domestic car called “DEVRİM”. He continued his efforts in the welding field in the private sector after 1963 and built electrode, casting and valve and welding machine factories. Halil Kaya Gedik is the first person to introduce precision casting technology and built the first factory in this sector in Turkey.

Halil Kaya Gedik, who took on the leadership role in the growth and development of the Turkish welding sector, established Gedik Education Foundation and made great effort to provide educational opportunities for tens of thousands of people and to convey International Welding Engineering education to large masses in Turkey.

Halil Kaya Gedik established İstanbul Gedik University in 2010 to strengthen industry – university cooperation and to train qualified experts needed for the business world in Turkey.

Halil Kaya Gedik who lost his life on 14 th August 2012 was awarded the “Superior Service Medal” by Turkish  Grand National Assembly of Turkey in 2007  due to his successful industrialist identity, and his contribution to educational and civic involvement projects.

The principles of Halil Kaya Gedik today continue to guide the future of Gedik Holding and its investments and Gedik Holding is flourishing on his principles.