General Secretariat

Gülperen KORDEL
Secretary General
Hülya Atalay Elibol
Deputy Secretary General

Article 36 of Istanbul Gedik University’s Main Regulation defines the structuring and responsibilities of the General Secretariat unit and its affiliated administrative organization as follows:

  1. The administrative organs of the University consist of the General Secretariat and the units established under the General Secretariat.

  2. The General Secretariat is composed of one General Secretary, at most two deputy secretaries, and affiliated units. The General Secretary is the head of the University’s administrative organization and is responsible for its functioning towards the Rector.

  3. The duties of the General Secretary are as follows:

  • Ensuring the efficient, orderly, and harmonious operation of the units within the University’s administrative organization.
  • Acting as a rapporteur in the Senate, Administrative Board, and relevant committees, preparing, preserving, and storing decisions taken in these matters.
  • Communicating the decisions of the Senate and the Administrative Board to the units affiliated with the University.
  • Making recommendations to the Rector regarding the personnel to be assigned within the University’s administrative organization.
  • Managing press and public relations.
  • Conducting the correspondence of the Rectorate.
  • Organizing protocol, visits, and ceremonial matters of the Rectorate.
  • Performing other tasks assigned by the Rector.
  1. The University’s administrative organization under the General Secretariat consists of the following units:
  • General Secretariat
  • Information Processing Directorate
  • Financial Affairs Directorate
  • Corporate Communication and Promotion Directorate
  • Personnel Directorate
  • Administrative Affairs Directorate
  • Student Affairs Directorate
  • Library and Documentation Directorate
  • Health, Culture, and Sports Directorate
  • Legal Advisory Office