Presıdent’s Message

Both  industry and economy are changing and developing at a very fast pace in Turkey. Our country is becoming a center of production and investment for foreign investors. New industrial facilities are being established in different regions and in different sectors every day. This increases the need for personnel who can use modern technology and think creatively, speak foreign language and are well-equipped.

At the same time, the growth of sector service is increasing the need for personnel who study, do research, have high level of analysis skills, have self-esteem, can express themselves and who are well-equipped so that the expectations of increased demand can be met in the best possible way.

Turkey, with its young population, is a rising star in the world. Thus, the need for qualified personnel with practical experience in the industrial and business world is increasing.

With these developments in mind, we established Gedik Education Foundation in 1994 in order to pass on our experience and share it with young people.

The Gedik Education Foundation was the first step we took on this path. In 2011, we established Istanbul Gedik University with the aim of speeding up the development of our country’s industry and service sector by associating the know-how acquired by Gedik Holding companies with academic studies and meeting the need for qualified personnel.

Our fundamental mission in establishing Istanbul Gedik University is to create an industry – education cooperation model.

In this framework, we are developing  projects   that will contribute to the development of both your professional confidence    and the knowledge of foreign language . Also we have created  the necessary conditions for you to receive part of your education abroad.

With our application-oriented program  we aim to educate experts who will be preferred by employers.

I wish you all a successful future.

Hülya Gedik
Chair of Board of Trustees