Rector’s Message

Dear Students,

Istanbul Gedik University proudly serves with its young and dynamic structure, embodying the mindset of promoting applied education from secondary levels, instilling this awareness and experience into Turkish Higher Education, and effectively translating science and technology into practice.

Established as Gedik Vocational School in 2010, our University holds an innovative and continuously evolving vision rooted in science and technology, supported by modern infrastructure and a robust education system. We are renowned for our research and development focus, emphasizing university-industry collaboration, and integrating this approach into every academic and administrative aspect with the goal of international recognition. At Istanbul Gedik University, we strive to offer you a joyful, peaceful, healthy, and successful working environment, placing a strong emphasis on quality.

Our aim is to become one of the top-ranking universities, guiding students not only to acquire knowledge but also to apply what they have learned, thus contributing to science through research and development projects, and offering solutions to national and international challenges through application and research centers.

Our founder, Halil Kaya, instilled a sense of self-esteem and determination in working with students and employees by expressing, “If an engineer has made an invention somewhere in the world, I must achieve this as well.” This spirit of innovation is not confined to engineering but extends to all fields, including science, law, health, social sciences, and sports. Continuous exploration and learning are vital in every discipline. Therefore, alongside theoretical knowledge, practical training plays a pivotal role, enabling students to gain hands-on experience and prepare for their professional careers.

Istanbul Gedik University sets its sights on producing its technology by 2030 and occupying a prominent position in Turkey’s future. Moreover, our commitment extends beyond merely providing the necessary qualifications and competencies in all academic programs; we aim to nurture open-minded individuals who can contribute positively to society.

Dear Students, we extend a warm welcome to you at Istanbul Gedik University, where we look forward to walking into new horizons guided by science.

Prof.Dr. Ahmet Kesik

Rector of Istanbul GEDİK University