Rector’s Message

Dear Students,

Istanbul Gedik University serves with its young and dynamic structure, which has the mentality of initiating applied education from secondary education, bringing this awareness and experience to the Turkish Higher Education and transforming science and technology into practice.

Established as Gedik Vocational School in 2010, our University has innovative and continually improving vision based on science and technology with modern infrastructure, powerful education system. It is a well-known, research and development oriented university focusing on university-industry collaboration and reflecting this approach to every academic and administrative unit with the aim to be international in every area, Istanbul Gedik University offers you a happy, peaceful, healthy and successful working environment by giving priority to the quality. We aim to be a one of the high ranking universities by teaching students to learn putting what they have learned into practice thus contributing to science through research and development projects, moreover offering solutions to national and international problems through application and research centers.

Halil Kaya, the founder of our university, gained the self-esteem and the determination to work with students and employees by saying “if an engineer has made an invention somewhere in the world, I must also accomplish this.” Not only in the field of engineering, but also in the field of science, law, health, social sciences, sports, and in all disciplines, the necessary studies should continue. In this context, in addition to theoretical knowledge and practical training provided in education and training programs, information becomes beneficial. Active field practices enable students to get to know each sector closely and prepare for professional life.

Istanbul Gedik University aims to produce its own technology by 2030 and to have a future place in Turkey. Also, the university not only aims to ensure the continuity of the necessary arrangements for students to earn the requirements and competencies in all academic education and training programs but also intends to raise open-minded individuals beneficial for the society.

Dear Students, as Istanbul Gedik University, we wish to welcome you in our University and to walk into new horizons in the guidance of science.

Best regards

Prof.Dr. Ahmet Kesik