Message From The Dean

Dear Students,

Istanbul Gedik University has an important place in the center of university-industry collaboration network. The university implements quality systems in all academic and administrative units and has a target of internationalization in all areas of its activities. Istanbul Gedik University Faculty of Engineering has a strong education infrastructure established in different engineering areas and technology-driven, innovative and R & D oriented vision. The services that are provided for all students and academic staff of our faculty; offer a peaceful, healthy and efficient working environment by prioritizing quality. Main target of the faculty is to learn/teach the basis of education system and to transform what they have learned into practice, to make a contribution to science by means of R & D projects and to provide technical solutions to problems at national and international levels as a center of attraction and respected organization.

We will follow the self-confidence and working diligence of Mr. Halil Kaya GEDIK, our founder, to remind to all our students and employees his speech saying “If an engineer has made an invention somewhere in in the world, I can also do it” through practising not only in engineering but also in science, social, health areas and in all disciplines. In this context, in addition to theoretical knowledge as well as practical applications will be provided to students actualise the realization of the information gained during education, with our active field applications, we will also enable our students to get to know each sector they are educated and to prepare themselves for their professional lives in future.

Our Faculty of Engineering consists of eight academic departments. These are:

  • Computer Engineering
  • Electrical – Electronics Engineering
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Mechatronic Engineering
  • Mechatronics Engineering (English) and
  • Metallurgical and Materials Engineering departments.

Our main philosophy of education at Istanbul Gedik University Faculty of Engineering is to educate young people by providing the ability to apply basic engineering approaches and methods in an innovative and creative way in order to bring solutions to the problems in the agenda; recognizing the national and international industrial organizations and gaining leadership feature in the global competition with the engineering ethical values and responsibilities assumed. We give great importance to our faculty’s leading position in relations with industry, both in education and research studies. During their education, our students gain work experience directly in at least one industrial organization concerning their departments.

The main target of our faculty is to contribute Turkey’s goal of producing its own technology in 2030s and in order to gain a place in this national target. It is also our main goal to educate our students to think freely and to have free horizons to reach their ideals by ensuring the continuity of the necessary arrangements for them to acquire the requirements and competencies of the century in which we live in all academic education and training programs.

Dear students, we would like to see you among us in our Faculty, where scientific approach is combined with technology in every discipline involving engineering fields and where quality system is integrated.

Welcome to Istanbul Gedik University, I wish you all success.