Gedik Education Foundation



Gedik Education Foundation was established  on September 7, 1994 to contribute to the education of the country and  the development of  welding technology. Gedik Holding believes in absolute integration of economic achievements into society and sees it as vital need for society. By establishing Gedik Education Foundation, Gedik Holding is happy for what they have done until now and they are excited about what they will do in the future. Gedik Education Foundation is proud of receiving  Certificate of Appreciation from  various institutions and especially Certificate of Appreciation from  Ministry of National  Education and Appreciation Plaque from Presidency of Turkey on April 5, 2007 for activities and charities they have carried out in line with the objectives of the foundation.


  • Providing certified welders, welding technicians, and welding engineers through courses and training seminars in order to meet the strong demand for qualified manpower in the Turkish welding industry,
  • Organizingorganize certification exams for trained welders operating in our country,
  • Establishing a library and documentation center within the foundation that can respond to the needs of the welding sector,
  • Offering material testing and chemical analysis services required by our industry,
  • Establishing a science and technology commission composed of university faculty members and individuals with extensive experience in the welding sector to provide consultancy to the Turkish Welding Industry,
  • Granting scholarships to successful students

Since its establishment in 1994, the Gedik Education Foundation has been providing its knowledge, technology, and resources to the country, especially in the field of welding. The Gedik Education Foundation, which is becoming stronger and expanding its scope, aims to spread its influence not only in welding technologies and engineering but also in every area needed by the country.

Moreover, since 2008, the Gedik Education Foundation has been an active member of the International Institute of Welding (IIW) and has been organizing internationally recognized training programs such as International Welding Engineering (IWE), International Welding Technologist (IWT), and International Welding Inspection Personnel (IWIP) under the IIW since March 2009.