Civil Engineering

Basic needs of human being, such as shelter, transportation, living in a healthy and secure life in communities are made possible by a number of engineering buildings and structures. These include various house, school and hospital buildings, skyscrapers, highways, railways, tunnels, bridges, airports, seaports, dams, hydraulic structures, hydro and thermal power plants, water supply and waste water network, underground and underwater tube passages. As an oldest basic engineering discipline, Civil Engineeringdeals withplanning, design, economic evaluation, construction, operation and maintenance of all these engineering systems.

For the current conditions of our country there is an urgent need for engineers who are well educated in international standards, familiar with research processes and methods, equipped with sound engineering background, able to work in teams.

The objective of our department is to educate students such that, upon graduation,   they will be able to apply theoretical knowledge to problem solutions, they will possess lifelong learning skills, ability to work in teams, and they will acquire leadership and entrepreneurship, innovative skills, anawareness of sustainable development.

The graduates of Civil Engineering Department may find employment opportunities in all private companies and public sector, as design engineer in office and field engineer in the construction site. The graduates can start up their own private companies. Those who would like to pursue an academic career can be registered for an MS or PhD degree, both inside the country and abroad.