Electrical – Electronics Engineering

Humanity is at the beginning of a technological revolution which is incomparable with the past. Currently, we are witnessing such a period that there are great achievements in scientific fields and humanity is passing beyond its own threshold. In today’s technological environment, new definitions for jobs and working processes are continuously being introduced for the sake of a new world. This new world is dominated by mixed-sourced electrical power generation, electronic control of hybrid power systems components, artificial intelligence and automation. In this context, as ones who are responsible for high quality education in the Department of Electrical-Electronics Engineering, our main principle is to educate our students as “Research Engineers”. We want to train them in such a way that they would work as engineers who are dealing with planning, realization, monitoring, protection, control and financial management of hybrid power generation, transmission and distribution systems, alternative energy sources, electrical machines, electrical drive system design, electrical vehicles; processing, transferring, gathering, storing of “data”; applications of system design, antennas, electromagnetic fields and waves; physics of semiconductor electronic components and their production technologies. We also want them to have such knowledge and scientific background that they could keep up with current electrical and electronics engineering technologies, come up with permanent and creative solutions to technical problems, have analytical thinking, modeling and solving ability, occupational ethical and humanitarian values.

Moreover, encouraging and supporting technological improvements in Turkey by focusing on cooperation of industry and academic researchers as well as students, contributing to technological and scientific improvement of Turkey by means of interdisciplinary topics which are necessary for Communication, Computer, Mechatronics and Mechanical Engineering fields, sharing knowledge in such fields like defense industry, health, industrial production, electrical power generation and maritime sector by research and development approach are also within the context of the department’s responsibilities.