Corporate Communications and Public Relations Department

Nejla Kaya Selçuker
Public Relations Manager
Oktay Özçelik
Public Relations Specialist
Erdem Ay
Public Relations Specialist
Abdurrahman Unutulmuş
Ece Müldür
Graphic Artist
Ender Demir
Social Media
Eren Gökcan
Public Relations Staff

Istanbul Gedik University

Corporate Disclosure Policy

Institutional Policies and Principles Adopted Regarding Public Disclosure

Istanbul Gedik University follows a transparent policy that will ensure that all its partners, especially its administrative staff, employees, academics, students and parents, and the entire public are accurately informed in line with Corporate Governance Principles.

All kinds of activities carried out by Istanbul Gedik University are announced on Istanbul Gedik University’s web page and corporate social media addresses. In this context, activities related to education, research and management processes are regularly published and presented to the public. Announcement channels shared with the public are as follows:


Media and Press Releases

  • The Corporate Communication and Promotion Directorate of Istanbul Gedik University prepares press releases for activities to be covered in the media. It shares them with national and local media via email.

Newspapers and Bulletins

  • The Corporate Communication and Promotion Directorate of Istanbul Gedik University determines how to be featured in press and publication organs within the framework of the annual communication plan. It prepares a media inclusion plan, considering the media organization’s service area, informs employees and stakeholders, and implements the plan. Our university maintains impartiality and strives not to be featured in media organizations with apparent political biases.
  • Through the support of our Media Monitoring Agency, Istanbul Gedik University tracks and shares any printed, visual, and digital news appearing in national and local media with relevant units.

Social Media Accounts

Furthermore, we inform our followers by sharing all news about us and our current events on our social media platforms. Istanbul Gedik University utilizes social media channels for information and sharing purposes.

Responsibility in Corporate Policy

The individuals and units responsible for determining the path to be followed, overseeing it, and its improvement in Istanbul Gedik University’s public disclosure and information policy are as follows:

  • Board of Trustees
  • Rectorate
  • General Secretariat
  • Corporate Communication and Promotion Directorate

Our Public Disclosure Criteria

  • Istanbul Gedik University uses corporate magazines, websites, press releases, social media channels, brochures, promotional films, and e-bulletins as methods and tools for public disclosure.
  • Internal activities and events are sent to all academic and administrative staff via email and published on the university’s website.
  • The university does not share information about its employees, including academic and administrative staff, with third parties and institutions within the scope of personal data protection regulations.
  • In order to strengthen the university’s future, meetings are held at least once a year with External Stakeholders who provide valuable input, involving faculties and the university. These meetings are conducted in an open and participatory environment, allowing participants to express their views freely and welcoming observers.
  • Announcements of new staff recruitments are made through internet portals and the website.

Persons Authorized to Provide Information:

In addition to the public statements mentioned above, the individuals authorized and responsible for public information disclosure in our institution are the Board of Trustees and our Rector.