Message From The Dean

Dear Students,

Welcome to Istanbul Gedik University, Faculty of Fine Arts and Architecture.

People need to meet their basic requirements such as sheltering, nutrition, education and transportation in a healthy and safe environment with adequate functional and aesthetic features to survive in modern conditions. These requirements such as housing, school, hospital, etc. are eliminated with areas such as park garden and complementary products. These livable environments are created by the contribution of architects and designers, and by contributing from different professional fields such as engineering.

Architect, Interior Designer and Environmental Designer, Visual Communication Designer, Fashion and Textile Designer, you will spend at least four years in our faculty to prepare yourself for about 40-45 years of professional life. With our competent and dynamic teaching staff, qualified and technological infrastructure, we are determined to provide you with the best opportunities and provide all kinds of support and we will guide you.

The education programs of our faculty are capable of meeting the needs of today with our academic staff and physical infrastructure. In our academic programs, historical, cultural, aesthetic, social, economic and functional criteria are integrated and blended with concepts such as health and safety, sustainability, innovation and entrepreneurship. Our programs are actively supported through exhibitions, workshops, seminars, conferences and workshops.

Istanbul Gedik University, Faculty of Fine Arts and Architecture, who has embraced the rules of sustainable and natural life, adopted the rules of sustainable life, assimilated professional ethic values, embraced creativity, leadership and entrepreneurship, embraced teamwork, communicated well with the environment, researched and It aims to educate innovative architects and designers who embrace learning, adopts community and public interest, and who think positively.

With the idea that learning is a life-long process, I wish you success in achieving your goals and achieving your dreams while preparing for life.