The main goal of the Architecture department is to contribute to the planning and design of living and usage areas that prioritize human needs. The fundamental objective of this department is to train architects who can undertake the design and implementation of various buildings, from residences to offices, from social service structures to urban-scale projects. With its internationally experienced and well-equipped faculty, the Architecture Department at Istanbul Gedik University continues to educate visionary architects with critical, analytical, and scientific thinking abilities, who can utilize the technological possibilities of the age and are equipped with theoretical and experimental knowledge aligned with the needs of our country.

Our Vision

To become an innovative, differentiating, value-creating, and excellence-oriented global university that nurtures individuals capable of shaping the future with its distinguished faculty. In line with the institutional vision, our department aims to be a national and international leader in design education with accredited programs, providing students with the necessary knowledge and skills to direct themselves and achieve a creative and productive career through distinguished academic infrastructure and supportive opportunities. Improving quality, increasing motivation, sharing, and diversity, as well as enhancing ethical values, are among the future goals of our department.

Our Mission

  • To offer our students a globally recognized, effective, and high-quality education,
  • To train fully equipped graduates who have high competitiveness in the working life and meet individual professional and ethical standards,
  • To be a research and development university that integrates its experience in the industry and service sector with education and continuously evaluates its quality according to international standards,
  • To contribute at the highest level to the “university-society-industry” collaboration in the fields of science, technology, art, culture, service, and sports among the world’s universities. In line with the institutional mission, we aim to develop an excellent curriculum in line with international standards and provide interdisciplinary design education opportunities to various student groups. Our goal is to educate the architects and designers of the future as innovative, creative, culturally and environmentally sensitive, highly critical thinkers, well-versed in current architectural technologies, and capable of collaborating with other disciplines.