Interior Architecture and Environmental Design

The main aim of Istanbul Gedik University, Faculty of Architecture and Design, Interior Architecture and Environmental Design undergraduate program is to train designers who consider functional, structural, and aesthetic criteria in the process of arranging spaces and environments, value user needs, produce original, environmentally friendly, and economical solutions.

Students who choose our department should have the ability to think in three dimensions, perceive shape and spatial relationships, and have the power to distinguish and visualize colors in their minds.

Our faculty was established in 2011 and in the 2012-2013 academic year, our department has begun training. The period of study in our program is 4 years and students are accepted with Undergraduate Placement Exam’s score of TM-1 (Turkish and Mathematics -1).

Our teaching staff consists of experienced academicians who have completed their academic studies in interior architecture and architecture, and professional designers who have proven themselves in the industry. Our department provides education in well-equipped classrooms and workshops with a comprehensive educational program. The first year of the program includes basic courses in design, expression, and drawing; in the following semesters, students are taught all the information related to technique, art, environment, and human. Computer-aided courses enable students to present their designs using the most advanced three-dimensional presentation techniques. Starting from the second year, design studios, which change topics every semester and end with a diploma project, provide students with design skills.

Our graduates can work in design offices, construction sites, building material production and sales offices, renovation works, furniture, and store designs. Additionally, our graduates can continue their postgraduate studies in Turkey and abroad and engage in academic activities.