About the Department of Visual Communication Design

The Department of Visual Communication Design was established in 2012 as part of the Faculty of Architecture and Design at Istanbul Gedik University. It offers a four-year undergraduate program.

Each year, the department accepts 30 students, with 5 candidates receiving a 100% scholarship and 25 candidates receiving a 50% scholarship.

The aim of our department is to train students as art directors and professional designers who can work in national and international public institutions and various sectors, including Media and TV, Advertising and Graphic Design, Digital Design and Media, Animation and Character Design, Web Design, Desktop Publishing and Typography, Game Design and Environment, Generative Art, Multimedia Design, Virtual Reality, Algorithms and Artificial Intelligence, Interactive Environment Design, and more.

Our secondary goal is to encourage students to participate actively in student exchange programs and engage in education, practice, design, and projects to develop their personal design skills, critical and analytical abilities, and visual language. The department also aims to cultivate social responsibility, awareness, and empathy in student designers who will work in digital design, art, and visual communication, as well as the advertising, media, TV series, digital culture, and game design sectors.

We have a dedicated and creative teaching approach supported by experienced academics and professionals who have proven themselves in the industry. The department continuously reviews its education, aligning it with contemporary standards and adopting an innovative and pioneering style, inspired by prestigious educational institutions abroad.

During their undergraduate education, students explore and research new communication technologies, interactive media design, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, game environments, and new design principles. They select project topics and relate them to practical application results in the industry and job market.

Additionally, the department offers vertical and horizontal transfer opportunities for students and provides access to international student exchange programs such as Erasmus. The integration of technological proficiency with creativity is a key focus of our education. Currently, we conduct our education in iMac and PC laboratories, a Photography-Video Classroom, and a 2D Animation Drawing Laboratory equipped with Wacom tablets, wireless keyboards, and mice, alongside high-definition projection systems.

Graduates of the department can pursue various professional careers. They can work in computer game design and animation companies, advertising and web design firms, corporate identity design companies, press and public relations agencies, visual design departments of public institutions and local administrations, publishing and media organizations, and printing houses. They may take on roles as art directors, visual art directors, advertising and product photographers, illustrators, digital and graphic designers, print design specialists, corporate communication and brand managers, communication experts and managers, corporate identity designers, 2D-3D animation designers, character designers, video and short film directors, digital communication experts and managers, and sound designers involved in sound production accompanying visuals.