About Department

International Trade and Finance is an interdisciplinary field of study. The subject of International Trade and Finance consists of complementary fields such as the economic basis of import and export of the companies or multinational corporations in different countries, transactions and applications, documents used and financing. Our department is established to educate potential management candidates who have contributed to the creation of international competitive strategy.

In addition, it has the aim of training of qualified experts who increase the competitiveness of public and private sector organizations in line with the objectives of economic policy. In the process of globalization, international financing issues have gained importance in the context of economic integration and the conditions of competition. The developments in Turkey and other countries are increasing the demand for human resources with international skills and contemporary knowledge. In this context, students are offered courses related to the major subjects of the Business and Economics disciplines, International Trade and Finance, International Relations, Law, Entrepreneurship and the international dimensions of these fields.

In today’s world where the cooperation between university and business comes to the fore, our students are allowed to establish relations with the business world; Our students are also supported by internships and projects. The graduates of our department can take part in foreign trade departments of companies, import and export departments, foreign transactions of banks, customs, customs clearance companies, logistics companies and insurance companies. In addition, they have the opportunity to work in all public and private sector institutions where graduates of the Faculty of Economics, Business Administration and Administrative Sciences are employed.