Employer Survey

This survey has been prepared for graduates of Istanbul Gedik University Faculty of Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences, Departments of International Trade, International Trade and Finance, and International Trade and Finance. The survey aims to create an objective data set that will guide us in the process of providing an education that will enable graduates to perform more effectively and efficiently in their working life and to add higher values ​​to the institution, organization, business, society and environment they work for.  In order to raise both our university, our faculty and our department to more respected and successful level among their competitors, our quest to create an institution and a department whose graduation is honored will be possible primarily with the opinions and suggestions of the institutions where our students are employed and/or managed. In the process of determining according to objective criteria, our department learning targets, learning outcomes and our curriculum  the opinions and evaluations of you, employers and managers, about the performance of our graduates in business and working life are undoubtedly one of the best references and resources for us.In this context; In the process of shedding light on and guiding our efforts to provide us and our future students with an education in line with the requirements of business life, we kindly request you to fill out the EMPLOYER SURVEY at the link below and express your perception and opinion about our GRADUATES from Istanbul Gedik University International Trade Department and/or International Trade and Finance Department who work in your organization/company.

EMPLOYER SURVEY LINK: https://forms.gle/33CAiSEJeeSWkrXg9