Scientific Research and Projects

Scientific Research Project: Determination of Business Lines Map of Vocational and Technical High Schools and in Pendik District

Project Coordinator: Assoc. Prof. Burcu Yavuz Tiftikchigil
Assistant Project Manager: Assoc. Prof. Tuna Uslu
Researcher: Res. Asst. Serkan Soyak
Researcher: Res. Asst. Tolga Sezdi
Project Duration: 2017-2018

The aim of this project is to determine the trend map of the vocational and technical business lines of Pendik district, in other words, the cluster of business lines within the framework of European Qualification. Within this framework, 5 goals are planned to be reached:
To obtain the profile of vocational and technical high school and vocational school of Pendik district,
Classification of technical and vocational high schools and vocational schools of higher education in Pendik in the European Qualification Framework,
Determining the professional and technical training clustering analysis of Pendik and the training programs which are implemented by the educational institutions in the district have developed labor power for the sectors and business lines.
To organize and discuss the data obtained for the purpose of conducting SWOT analysis for the vocational and technical education with the stakeholders in the district.
To make a pioneering study and create a scale for a regional project planned to be made more extensively.
As the closing event of the project May 7, 2018 on Monday, the project team and Vocational Qualifications Authority Expert Mustafa Ozgen, Turkey Corporate Social Responsibility Association General Director Huseyin Yilmaz and Safety Specialist / Quality Expert Hilal Sümer, have organized a round table meeting at Istanbul Gedik University.