Head of Department’s Message

In today’s world where the international trade and financial processes are shaping the global economy, it is important that the economy and policies of the countries and the management of the companies keep up with this process.

Developing different and fast strategies for international markets with different conditions, managerial adaptations and understanding of changing demand structures and responding to them quickly are the basic conditions for being globally competitive. Based on this understanding, the Department of International Trade and Finance firstly provides students with a theoretical education in the fields of economics, business, statistics, as well as import and export management, global financial system and operation, international economy, international monetary system, international investments, international financing and international enterprises. It offers a program with rich content covering the topics of international business and finance strategies.

The main aim of the department is to bring the individuals who have a global vision and who can interpret the basic motivations of international trade and finance and who are able to question and manage the basic variables that determine the global trade today.