Head Of Public Law Department’s Message

Dear Students,

Law, which constitutes the foremost and essential part of the rules governing social relations, should be perceived as a “dynamic” rather than a “static” structure. A legal system is considered successful as long as it produces solutions that adapt to the economic, social, and technological developments and changes within society.

In our present era, where international relations, communication, and trade proceed at an unprecedented speed, where technological advancements continuously bring innovations to all aspects of social life, and where individuals’ privacy in their private lives is at risk due to technological advancements, the protection of individual freedoms against powerful state structures and economic powers becomes particularly important. Therefore, legal education should be tailored to address these realities and prepare young lawyers to face this dynamic environment in their professional lives.

Gedik University Faculty of Law brings together experienced and senior faculty members with young and dynamic ones in a balanced manner. The teaching staff aims to equip students with an awareness of the evolution of “Law” from the past to the future, with an increasing momentum.

In this context, it is natural to prioritize topics related to “state sovereignty” and “state powers” in Public Law courses. However, the concept of the “Rule of Law” in our era requires that state powers be exercised in accordance with the law. Especially in our time, while technological developments lead to increased social well-being and comfort, they can also be used for malicious purposes in the wrong hands. In such a situation, it is expected that state organs, which must be “powerful,” exercise their authority while respecting contemporary and universal concepts of human rights.

In our Public Law Department courses, this modern legal balance will be taken into account, and efforts will be made to educate students with a foundation in universal legal values. Students will have the opportunity to establish connections and gain experience with leading companies in the industrial and commercial sectors, as well as law firms, before graduation.

I wish you all success that will bring pride to both yourselves and the esteemed faculty members who have nurtured you throughout your professional lives.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Kutluhan Bozkurt