Head Of Public Law Department’s Message

Dear Students,

Law, which constitutes the first and important part of the rules that regulate social relations, should be considered as a “dynamic” structure rather than a “static” one. Because, a legal order is considered successful as long as it produces solutions in accordance with economic, social and technological developments and changes in society.

In our era, international relations, communication and trade have been operating faster than ever before. Technological developments bring innovations in every aspect of social life almost every day, and the privacy of individuals’ private lives is at risk against technological developments. In our age, where the protection of individuals’ freedoms is especially important in the face of very strong state structures and economic forces, teaching of law should be given in accordance with these realities; thus, young lawyers need to be trained in this dynamic environment waiting for them in their professional lives.

Gedik University Faculty of Law, which brings together experienced and senior faculty members and young and dynamic faculty members in a balanced way; aims to educate students with the awareness of this evolution, which has been accelerating from the past to the future and whose acceleration is increasing.

In this context, it is natural that the subjects dominated by “state sovereignty” and “state forces” should be prioritized in the courses of Public Law. However, the concept of “State of Law” in our age requires the use of state powers in accordance with the law. Especially in our age, technological developments give results that increase social peace and prosperity on the one hand, and on the other hand, they can be used for the opposite purposes in malicious hands. In the face of this situation, it is expected that state organs, which have to be “strong”, should respect contemporary and universal human rights concepts while using this power.

In the courses of Public Law, this contemporary balance of law will be taken into consideration and our students will be trained to be equipped with universal legal values. Students will be provided with the opportunity to gain experience and contact with leading firms in the industry and trade and law firms in the periods before graduation.

I wish you all success in your professional life, which will make your teachers proud of you.