Head Of Private Law Department’s Message

Dear Students,

Conflicts can arise among a wide range of issues among people living collectively. In fact, it is common for human nature to have different thoughts and conflict of these thoughts. However, such conflicts should not push the society into chaos and should be resolved in a civilized way.

As the most effective tool for a civil solution, law -especially private law, which aims to regulate inter-individual relations- establishes certain rules to regulate these relationships. It is an absolute imperative that these rules meet the needs of individuals and society. In addition, it is essential that the established rules can be applied and monitored. However, these rules must firstly comply with human rights and fundamental rights and freedoms, as well as the basic principles of universal law. Being aware of this imperative is a must for a lawyer. In this context, lawyers who adopt the principle of the rule of law and realize the needs of the society,  who can bring rational and civilized solutions in accordance with the requirements of the age to these needs, are the greatest need.

Istanbul Gedik University Law Faculty aims to raise young lawyers and prepares prospective lawyers for their professional lives by educating them with this awareness.

For this purpose, Istanbul Gedik University Faculty of Law, which brings together experienced and senior faculty members and young and dynamic faculty members in a balanced way, academic staff aims to provide its students with an inclusive legal infrastructure in all areas of private law, from civil law to commercial law, from labor law to maritime law. In this context, it is aimed that the student actively participates in the course and reaches the information with a questioning approach in each of the courses where not only a theoretical knowledge but also a practical education is given. Young lawyers who have completed their undergraduate education in this way expect a bright professional life.

I wish all our students a successful undergraduate education and a successful career.