Head Of Private Law Department’s Message

Dear Students,

Among people living in a community, disputes can arise on a wide range of issues. In fact, it is natural for individuals to have different thoughts and for these thoughts to conflict. However, it is essential that such conflicts do not push society into chaos and are resolved in a civilized manner.

Law – and particularly private law, which aims to regulate interpersonal relations – is the most effective tool for a civilized resolution. It establishes certain rules to regulate these relations, and it is crucial for these rules to meet the needs of individuals and society. Additionally, the implementation and supervision of these rules are also vital. Above all, these rules must comply with human rights, fundamental freedoms, and the basic principles of universal law. Being aware of this necessity is a must for a lawyer. In this context, lawyers who can perceive the needs of society and provide rational and civilized solutions that meet those needs and align with the requirements of the time, while embracing the principle of the rule of law, are the greatest need.

Istanbul Gedik University Faculty of Law aims to cultivate young lawyers with this awareness and prepares future legal professionals who both create and apply the law with this consciousness.

To achieve this goal, Istanbul Gedik University Faculty of Law brings together experienced and senior faculty members with young and dynamic ones in a balanced manner. Its academic staff aims to provide its students with a comprehensive legal background in various areas, ranging from private law to commercial law, labor law to maritime law. In this context, the focus is not only on theoretical knowledge but also on practical education in each course, encouraging students to actively participate in class discussions and seek knowledge with a questioning mindset. By doing so, young lawyers who have completed their undergraduate education can look forward to a bright professional career.

I wish all our students a successful undergraduate education and a fulfilling professional career.

Asst. Professor Burcu Erbayraktar