Dean’s Message

Istanbul Gedik University Faculty of Law opened its doors to students in September 2019. Alongside the founding academics, who are prominent experts in Turkish law, Gedik Law carries its students from tradition to the future with its young and dynamic academic staff.

Students studying at Gedik Law grasp the foundations of our contemporary legal system, which traces its roots back to Roman Law. They have the opportunity to explore new branches of law arising from social, economic, and technological developments, and acquire analytical and questioning thinking abilities. The curriculum is tailored according to the Law Professions Entrance Exam, ensuring that theoretical knowledge and practical skills are conveyed together at every stage of legal education through theoretical groundwork, practical exercises, tutorials, and extracurricular activities. The primary goal is to foster university students who seek, investigate, question, and establish causal relationships with knowledge, ultimately becoming competent individuals. Our graduates are prepared not only for traditional legal professions (judges, prosecutors, lawyers) but also to excel in legislative and executive bodies and various other fields, standing out as self-confident, responsible individuals with a strong legal foundation.

Gedik Law is one of Turkey’s distinguished international faculties. The courses of the Turkish Law Department at Bielefeld University’s Faculty of Law are conducted by Istanbul Gedik University Faculty of Law. Besides the Turkish Law and Turkish-German Comparative Law courses offered in Bielefeld, regular international student congresses, conferences, and events facilitate exchanges of ideas between Gedikli and Bielefeldli students. Additionally, Gedik Law Club and Bielefeld Law Club maintain a sisterhood relationship. Moreover, our faculty conducts Environmental Law courses in collaboration with Kassel University. Our students have the opportunity to apply for internships in various European countries, especially in Belgium and Germany. Gedik Law aims to equip its students with a “beyond” national identity.

Being a member of Gedik Law means not only acquiring academic competence but also being prepared for the future within a family-like atmosphere. Therefore, we are delighted and proud to be with you, our esteemed students, who know what they want, possess the determination and will to shape their future, and confidently step into the future.

Prof. Dr. Kerim Atamer