Dean’s Message

Within Istanbul Gedik University, the Faculty of Law was established in 2019, on the 100th anniversary of our Head Teacher Mustafa Kemal Atatürk’s arrival in Samsun and the Erzurum and Sivas Congresses. This torch not only sheds light on our way but also imposes great responsibility on us. With this responsibility in our minds, our Faculty opened its doors to you, our students, in September 2019.

Our academic staff, consisting of the leading scholars of Turkish Law, carries our students from the legal tradition into the future. As a matter of fact, our Faculty succeeded to fill all 120 seats in the year it was opened. In our survey among our dear students as to why they chose us, 65 % stated that their preference was based on the quality of our academic staff.

Our students, who grasp the basics of our legal system, whose roots go back to Roman Law, find the opportunity to get to know new branches of law created by contemporary social, economic, and technological developments. At every stage of education, the theoretical infrastructure is supported by practical studies, thus providing theoretical knowledge and practical skills together.

Here at “Gedik Law School”, where the Socratic method is adopted in education, it is aimed to raise real “university students” who seek knowledge, research, question and establish chains of causality, in accordance with the true meaning of the term “Student” as used in English and German. Thus, our graduates will be able to work as self-confident and responsible lawyers within the traditional legal professions (judges, prosecutors, attorneys) as well as in many other fields such as the legislative and executive powers.

On the other hand, we immediately adapted our curriculum to the “Entrance Exam for Legal Professions” which was made mandatory in 2019. Thereby, we wanted to ensure that our students are prepared for this exam in the best way possible.

We have made all our preparations for the training of young lawyers who will have a voice in the future of Turkish Law; we are now awaiting you students with great excitement and enthusiasm.

Prof. Dr. Kerim Atamer