About The Faculty

Istanbul Gedik University Faculty of Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences adopts a student-centered education approach in International Trade and Finance, International Relations, Political Science and Public Administration, Psychology and Sociology departments.  Our Faculty, which has a multidisciplinary nature and includes fundamental  social science fields,  offers students the opportunity to do double major or minor programs between departments. In this way, our students will continue their University education in an academic environment that can develop multiple perspectives such as trade and sociology, commerce and psychology, international relations and political science and public administration, international trade and international relations, which are demanded by today’s dynamic business world, without being limited to a single field of science.

Our mission is to train public and private sector employees, managers, sociologists, psychologists, diplomats, politicians and entrepreneurs who have awareness of ethics and social responsibility, and who are endowed with knowledge and skills suitable for making a difference in the competitive global business world.