International Trade and Logistics (English)

The increasing volume of trade worldwide and the need to deliver goods to consumers and producers have been steadily increasing the importance of the logistics sector. Due to the complexity of logistics activities, companies have started to rely more on specialized logistics firms for product delivery processes, resulting in a growing demand for professional employees in the industry. This situation has led to an increased need for departments that can educate qualified workforce in the field of logistics.

Our International Trade and Logistics Department will address international trade processes from a logistics perspective and provide the necessary education accordingly. With instructors who possess both industry and academic experience, our department will prepare students with up-to-date knowledge. Graduates from our program will have foreign language skills and industry knowledge to meet the demand in this field. Being proficient in terminologies, processes, and, most importantly, understanding the dynamics of the system, our students will enter the sector as sought-after and desired employees and will have the opportunity to advance rapidly in their careers.