Sociology takes society itself as a research object. It examines social change, interactions between groups, institutions, social structures. Our department provides students with the ability to analyse the social world by adopting scientific research methods, at the same time it offers a liberating education that improves their critical thinking skills and social personality. Students graduating from the department receive the title of sociologist. Throughout their education students develop methodological skills in both qualitative and quantitative research and they gain competence in analysing social problems. These abilities can be applied to a wide range of fields.

A wide range of career options are available for sociologists, and they vary according to the students’ particular area of interest and specialization. Ministries, public institutions and international organizations employ sociologists as specialists. Sociology graduates can also work in civil society organizations and in research companies as researchers or coordinators. After receiving a pedagogical formation training, they can teach philosophy in high-schools. They can pursue an academic career by continuing to graduate studies. As they have proficiency in data collection methods and high written-verbal communication skills, sociology graduates can also work in the advertising sector. In addition; media sector, human resources, and public relations are among areas where sociologists can work.