Psychology is both a scientific discipline and a profession. As a scientific discipline, it seeks to understand behaviors and cognitive processes, investigating how people behave, develop, feel, and think. As a profession, it provides services that support individuals in solving their problems and improving their quality of life.

Psychology encompasses a wide range of theoretical and applied subfields. Theoretical subfields such as experimental psychology, neuropsychology, social psychology, cognitive psychology, and personality psychology shed light on applied subfields through scientific research. Applied subfields, such as developmental psychology (childhood, adolescence, adulthood), clinical psychology, industrial-organizational psychology, forensic psychology, health psychology, educational-school psychology, and traffic psychology, primarily involve direct interaction with people and aim to provide support to individuals.

The goal of our Psychology Department is to equip students with the contemporary knowledge and skills of both the science and profession of psychology. Consequently, our students are encouraged to engage in scientific research, develop reasoning, analytical and critical thinking skills, adopt a multidisciplinary perspective, and enhance the necessary scientific competencies. Additionally, they are directed towards applied studies, preparing them to become successful psychologists in their professional lives, with the required knowledge, skills, and methods.

In the early years of education, the curriculum includes a program covering the fundamental topics of psychology and building the scientific foundation. As students progress, the number of elective courses within the department increases. This allows students to focus on the specific subfield they find most interesting and concentrate their knowledge and skills in that area.

Upon graduation, our students can choose to pursue academic research or specialize in their preferred applied subfields through postgraduate studies. They have employment opportunities in various settings, such as public and private mental health institutions, public and private hospitals, community health or other healthcare organizations, private counseling centers, various institutions within the Ministry of Education, nurseries, and child care centers, rehabilitation centers, different environments under the Ministry of Justice, as well as diverse workplaces like companies and factories, public relations, and human resources departments. These opportunities span across wide and varied fields.