Message From The Dean

Dear Youngsters,

When we look at it from our health point of view, it can be seen that sports has ceased to be an activity that people today think about doing just to pass away their spare time. Physical activity or sports has an indispensable part in the routines of contemporary life. Sports is a necessity for the top level executives who deal with a very hectic work schedule at their office as well as for everyone young and old and also for people who are handicapped in different ways. We must be active and we must do our activities with certain amount of intensity in order to keep our muscles robust, circulatory system active and to rest and repair our cognitive and sensorial functions.

The physical activity must be programmed and managed correctly in order to be useful. The faculty of which you will become a member has been programmed above all to equip you with the knowledge of human organism with all its aspects.

One of our objectives is to educate qualified Physical Education and Sports teachers who can provide the basic education and training in these fields, help the children and the youngsters acquire the habit of doing sports, can keep them active continuously, consider contributing to the community a duty, are contemporary and can think analytically. Another objective of this faculty is to educate coaches who can measure and interpret the reaction of an organism to a workout, are able to prepare the necessary programs and have acquired the technical and tactical skills that are related their branch of sports. Another objective of this faculty is to educate Sports Managers who can manage and organize different levels of sports.

As the academic staff, personnel and students of this faculty which is the first one of its kind in this country, we share the responsibility of a very noble duty. You will take part in various regional, national and international scientific and athletic activities in order to become familiar with very different aspects of physical education and sports and to increase your knowledge and skills throughout the four years of education that you will receive at this faculty.

I wish our students a successful university life.

Sincerely yours,