Message From The Dean

The aim of Istanbul Gedik University Faculty of Sports Sciences is to provide contemporary sports education at undergraduate and graduate levels, striving to be a pioneering institution that continuously updates itself and leads in sports research.

Since its inception, the Faculty of Sports Sciences has been guiding its students through bilateral agreements and the Erasmus+ program, encouraging them to spend at least one semester abroad to gain international experience. With an academic staff consisting of experts in the field, who also have practical experience, who serve in various levels of sports federations, who have experience with national teams, and who are enthusiastic about collaboration and social responsibility projects, the faculty fosters an interdisciplinary working environment. The academic staff listens to students’ concerns, not only academically but also socially, and provides guidance with solution proposals tailored to their needs. Thanks to this structure, education and teaching are complemented by processes that support individual development both inside and outside the classroom, and an effective counseling system is continuously improved to facilitate communication between students and the academic staff. This communication environment allows students to have a say in management and planning, making it a transparent structure that motivates them to ask questions, think critically, and make a difference in their fields from the early years.

The Faculty of Sports Sciences is committed to nurturing students who are sensitive to the needs of society, engaged in interactions with society, versatile, guided by the spirit of fair play, and capable of conducting interdisciplinary and pioneering research in light of current knowledge.

As Istanbul Gedik University Faculty of Sports Sciences, our goal is to train and contribute educators, coaches, managers, and sports scientists who are dedicated to serving society, who think analytically, who are not afraid to ask questions, and who can shape the sector and make a difference in the field of sports.

In line with this goal, I wish all our students a successful university life.

Prof. Dr. Turgay BİÇER