Sports Coaching

Coaching Education consists of the main branches of “Movement and Exercise Sciences” and “Sports Health Sciences.” The department aims to train coaches with academic and technological competence in various areas such as the construction of sports facilities, the development of sports equipment, the determination and transmission of match results, the use of teaching materials and technologies in sports education, the neuro-physiological foundations of teaching motor skills, and the biomechanical and kinesiological examination of sports movements.

The program consists of two years of basic education and two years of specialization training. In the specialization training, students receive coaching knowledge in a specific sports discipline, and theoretical expertise is also planned in a specific field.

Sports Disciplines Included in the Program

  • Team sports
  • Individual sports
  • Dance
  • Fitness instruction and leadership

Theoretical Topics Included in the Program

  • Training theory
  • Physical activity in people with disabilities
  • Measurement and evaluation in sports
  • Sports for the elderly
  • Sports for children and youth

Department students will have the opportunity to reinforce their theoretical and practical knowledge in the above-mentioned areas through collaboration protocols with various institutions and organizations.


Students of the Coaching Education Department can obtain a 3rd level coaching diploma in the branch in which they receive specialization training in accordance with the Regulation on Coaching Education of the General Directorate of Youth and Sports. Successful students can also obtain a second minor diploma from the Sports Management Department program starting from the 3rd year.

Areas of Employment for Graduates

  • Educational institutions
  • General Directorate of Youth and Sports central and provincial organizations
  • Sports federations and clubs
  • Fitness and SPA centers
  • Athlete training centers
  • Municipal sports units