Sports Management

Students of the Department of Sports Management receive education in the interdisciplinary formation of sports sciences with a focus on management sciences, human behaviour, law, finance, business, health, media and communication, information technologies. The students of this department graduate as individuals with high operational skills.


Practice Topics Included in the Program

  • Sport branches
  • Physical activity in different age groups and people with disabilities
  • Event management
  • Facility management

Theoretical Topics in the Programme

  • Management sciences in sport
  • Media and communication in sport
  • Law in sport
  • Business management in sport
  • Human behaviour sciences
  • Information technology
  • Sports institutions and organisations
  • Management and organisation in sport


Sports Management graduates will receive the title of “Sports Manager”. In addition to their own departmental diplomas, if they are successful according to the Istanbul Gedik University Double Major Programme Regulations, they will be able to receive a 2nd major diploma from the Coaching Education Department programme starting from the 3rd grade.

Fields of Work

  • Universities
  • Ministry of National Education
  • Central and provincial organisations of the General Directorate of Youth and Sports
  • Sports clubs
  • Sports Management Units of Municipalities
  • Fitness and SPA Centres
  • Athlete training centres
  • Research institutions
  • Sports Complexes