Message from the Head of Department

Dear Students,

There is no doubt that the world has entered into a different dimension, unlike in previous years since the 2000s. Therefore, as all young people of the world your basic requirement will be to know and recognize this new dimension to be able to establish your future as you want. Here, International Relations Department of Istanbul Gedik University has been taken a goal to bring the world to you with this new aspect. Your department will give the clues to you to achieve this goal. These clues will show you the way in which environment you will live in the future, and how to be able to handle the problems in this dimension.

Globalization as a new dimension affects all areas of your life with all its properties, with positive and negative sides. Globalization highlights three basic qualities of uncertainity, integration and individuality. You must be able to provide your individual and integrated decisions in the face of complex events and in uncertainities and you should do relational comments. You will be successful in overcoming the difficulties and problems only with your eligibilities in these aspects in your future.

We, as the Department of IR provide this purpose with original training programs that we prepare, the application works, the qualified teaching staff and educational environment. Thanks to the education held in together with Erasmus and Exchange students, you will be able to meet the requirements of the universal climate.

Ultimately, in addition to your native language to graduate with two foreign languages, to be compatible with the global environment learning outcome infrastructure will be your road to success in life.

I wish you all a happy and successful educational process.

Prof. Dr. Süha Atatüre
Department of International Relations

With the academicians come from Lanzhou University (P’sRC)