About the Department

Colonialism, imperialism and globalism clarify the period of the change of our World from 1400s through 2000s. Almost irreplaceably the prominent actor has been the state over the whole period. And in the beginning, the relations were maintained by the states, however without particular principles and in the base of power. As of the period following the Reformation, the main principles of interstate relations were determined with conventions and the relations were maintained in accordance with these principles.

Along with the states the new actors emerged in the 19th and 20th centuries and the international organizations became the other determinant actors of the relations. Furthermore, in the 21st century civil society that has an impact on these two main actors and affects the democratic theory in a different way made a lasting impression on the age.

In this regard, Istanbul Gedik University Department of International Relations carries out its program in a context that examines not only the interstate relations but also the relations among the states, international relations, civil society and individuals as a whole. The program entegrated with the subjects of political sciences and international relations involves an interactive structure with other disciplines. Besides the main disciplines such as law and international law, economics, sociology, energy and environment, culture and art courses and the discussions on daily politics, rigths and social responsibilities form the complementary frame of the Program.

The courses are carried out with various teaching methods and practices focusing on the students. By this way the attention of the students is highly aroused. Group studies, writing scenarios, research and presentations are the practices that increase the individual and group success.

In conclusion, Istanbul Gedik University Department of International Relations submits a program that enables our students’ individual and group success and grounds them in recognizing our country and the world instead of educating them. Therefore, our aim is to integrate the individuals who have the ability to question and scrutinise, a critical comprehension and social awareness into the society.

With the academicians come from Lanzhou University (P’sRC)

Department Assistant Ela Özkan is giving her speech

Vice Chair Dr. Selim Sezer is givin his speech in GPDF.

Dean of Lanzhou University and Dr Lilian explain the Chinese Education system