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Joint Academic Studies of Istanbul Gedik University Department of International Relations and Chinese Universities are Continuing 27.09.2021

Department of International Relations, which offers four hours of Chinese lessons a week for six semesters for a student, continues its contacts with universities in China.

In addition to our joint academic studies with Lanzhou Universtiy that has been conducted since April 2019, we continue the studies with Shanghai University within the scope of the Memorandum of Understanding that has been signed in July 2021. The agreements with both universities allow student exchanges as well as joint academic studies.

In this context Yingying LIANG, Ph.D. student in Shanghai University, will be in Gedik University for 2021-2022 academic year in order to carry out her thesis titled “Adnan Menderes and the Democratization in Turkey, 1945-1961” with the supervisorship of our Head of Department Prof. Dr. Süha Atatüre. Yingying LIANG will also take part in a joint project with the faculty members of Department of International Relations.

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A PARA – Küresel Bakış – Biden’s Domestic and Foreign Policy Goals – 22.04.2021

* Our Head of Department Prof. Dr. Süha Atatüre Interpret the Domestic Policies of the US and US’ Relations with PRC & Russian Federation.


A PARA – Küresel Bakış – Global Effects of US-Russia Relations – 18.03.2021

Our Head of Department Prof. Dr. Süha Atatüre Evaluated the Effects of the Strained US-Russia Relations on Global Politics and Economy.


BloombergHT – Kapanışa Doğru – Biden’s Statements- 17.03.2021

Our Head of Department Prof. Dr. Süha Atatüre Evaluates US President Joe Biden’s Statements about Russian President Vladimir Putin.


EKOTÜRK – Küresel Bakış – US-EU Relations – 15.03.2021

Our Head of Department Prof. Dr. Süha Atatüre Evaluates the US-EU Relations and Its Effects on Foreign Policy.


The conference on “21st Century and Our World” given for the teachers working within Ümraniye District Directorate of National Education,  by the Head of International Relations Department Prof. Dr. Süha Atatüre on 19th November 2019

The conference on “How should we perceive the World?” given by the Head of International Relations Department, Prof. Dr. Süha Atatüre in Bahçeşehir University on 16th November 2019

In the context of the agreement signed between Istanbul Gedik University and Lanzhou University of the People’s Republic of China, 16 students and 4 faculty members from Lanzhou University attended the seminars held between 29 July and 4 August 2019. The program called “Global Political Discussion Forum I” started with the inaugural speeches of Istanbul Gedik University Rector Prof. Dr. Zafer Utlu and Consulate General of People’s Republic of China in İstanbul, Vice Consul General Mr. Zhong Hongnuo. Besides the academic members and International Relations students of both universities, Dr. Ma Bin from Fudan University and Dr. Mher Sahakyan from China-Eurasia Council for Political and Strategic Research Foundation made presentations on “One Belt, One Road Project”.

Prof Suha Atature who the head of International Relations Department was took place two speeches in Economy Conversations Program at the Gedik Radio.


The seminar  “Climate Change and Society” was took place join with  Ömer Madra who advisory board member of the Istanbul Gedik University on April 3 at Kartal Campus.

The Pictures from Orientation Meeting from International Relations Department


With our Dean Prof. Dr. Şaduman Okumuş. After the all jobs done this mount, we all really happy


International Relations Department Chairman Prof. Dr. Suha Atature gave a speech in Vienna at Peace Conference in 2018 meeting. His subject was “For a more effective and democratic United Nations fitting to the era.” He remarked especially importance of civil society.


Our Chairman gave the opening speech at the workshop held at the Nebire Yahşi Anatolian High School for MODEL UNITED NATION. He also talked to the instructors and the students came from 12 different high schools.


The latest negotiation after conducting final interviews with department members and students work together.


Civil Society Workshop held at the Kadir Has University with  participation in our IR chairman.


Prof. Dr. Süha Atatüre, gave a democracy conference in Erbil, on behalf of International University Council.


Our Chief of Department gave a conference in “International Day” at Nurenberg University. “Right Wing Populism in Europe” was the subject of his conference.


Our Department Assistant Elâ and Sibel. “A Tiger Team” try to perfection.