2 Ağu 2022


Dear Students,
The English Proficiency Exam for Graduate Programs will be held face-to-face on the 4th floor of Istanbul Gedik University Kartal Campus, Block B, by taking all the security measures related to the pandemic.

Exam Date: 4 August 2022
Written Exam Time: 10:00 – 12:00
Classroom B 401
Oral Exam Time: 13:00 (5 minutes for each candidate)
Classroom B 401
General Information About the Exam:
• Your written exam duration is 120 minutes.
• The exam consists of two parts. (Written and Oral Exam)
• You can access information about the exam format by clicking this link. https://www.gedik.edu.tr/wp-content/uploads/english-yeterlilik-sinav-ornegi.pdf
• If you have any other questions about the exam, you can contact the School of Foreign Languages to consult. Phone: 444 5 438 (1163) – Instagram: @gedikyabancidiller
• Students coming to the exam should bring pencils, erasers, and sharpeners.
• You should bring both a ballpoint pen and a pencil at the time of the exam.

Exam Rules:
1. Lecture notes, books and other materials are collected at the place determined by the course instructor, instructor, or supervisor.
2. Invigilators arrange for students to sit properly and check their identities and ensure that students sign the attendance list.
3. Invigilators explain that the IDs of the students taking the exam must be on the desk during the exam.
4. It is forbidden for students to have devices such as mobile phones, headphones, pocket computers, Bluetooth, voice recorders, smart watches with them during the exam. If there are such devices, in accordance with the exam rules it is ensured that they are kept turned off in a place where a student cannot reach them before the exam.
5. It is forbidden for students who have finished the exam to wait in the corridor, enter other exam halls, and speak and signal with the students who are still taking the exam.
We wish you luck.