About the Department

The main purpose of the Sport Management Department is is to provide the sports industry candidates with the necessary knowledge and skills and ready and willing sport managers to the competitive environment of the national and international area. The students of Sport Management Department are educated in the disciplines of sports sciences and mainly in the fields of management science, human behavior, law, finance, business, health, media and communication, and information technologies.

The students of this department graduate especially as individuals who are highly educated in their operational characteristics. Students choose a module at the beginning of third-year, for specializing in club management, sports federations management, sports in local administrations, sports management in fitness centers. The sports manager candidates, who are trained in accordance with the required qualifications in the international arena, are given the knowledge and skills required by the business life during their four-year education period by relating them to the sport.

Students are able to benefit from the minor and double major programs which are available at the faculty. Students can benefit from exchange programs with the universities in the European Union Erasmus Program. Within the framework of Exchange and Erasmus programs, the students can do some of their education at prestigious universities in countries such as Italy, Finland, Portugal and Czech Republic.


Application Topics

Sports branches

Physical activity in different age groups and disabled

Event management

Facility management

Theoretical Fields

Management sciences in sport

Media and communication in sport

Law in sport

Business management in sport

Human behavioral sciences

Information Technology

Sports institutions and organizations

Sports management and organization


The graduates of Sport Management Department will receive the title “Sport Manager”. According to Istanbul Gedik University Double Major Program Regulations if they are successful, they will be able to get 2nd Major diploma from the Department of Coaching Education Program, as well as their own department diplomas.

Working places


Ministry of Education

Central and provincial organizations of the General Directorate of Youth and Sports

Sports Clubs

Sport Management Units of Municipalities

Fitness and SPA Centers

Sports Training Centers

Research Institutions

Sports Complexes