Research Projects and Funds


Measuring Students’ Perceptions of and Attitudes Towards Gender Roles

The research is coordinated by Gender and Women’s Studies Research and Application Centre (KATUAM) and the Department of Sociology. It aims to demonstrate students’ perceptions of and attitudes towards gender roles. It provides an analysis by determining the extent to which gender stereotypes are adopted by college students and how they differ regarding socio-demographic variables. Research results will provide guidance for KATUAM to develop and organise prospective academic activities.

Equality and Diversity in Work Life

Europen Union- Hrant Dink Foundation, Empowering CSO’s Grant Program (2019-2021)

This project is coordinated by PERYÖN (People Management Association of Turkey) and Istanbul Gedik University, and it focuses on developing equal opportunity structures in recruitment processes and in work-life. The Project aims to contribute to the establishment of a structure that respects human rights and individual freedom in the context of gender, sexual orientation and gender identity. The Project includes a quantitative research that measures perceptions of HR specialists towards equality and diversity. In addition, round table meetings with human resources specialists from NGOs and private companies are planned. An open access guide and a training program for the human resources units will be provided as the project outcome.



Jean Monnet Module Project: Women’s Development and Europeanisation of Gender Policies (WDEGP)

European Commission, Erasmus+

Project Duration: 2017-2020

This Project is co-coordinated by Dr. Rahime Süleymanoğlu-Kürüm from Istanbul Gedik University and Dr. Firdevs Melis Cin from Istanbul Ticaret University. The Jean Monnet Project is aimed at understanding and raising awareness on the impact of the EU on women’s development and gender equality policies whilst increasing the visibility of the EU studies within and beyond Turkey. The Project mainstreams and diversifies the EU studies and calls for attention to the EU’s efforts to build a democratic, peaceful and gender-just society.

Gender in Turkish Diplomacy: Changing Norms and Practices 

Koç University Gender Studies Research Center (KOÇ-KAM)

Project Duration: 2016-2019

This Project is co-coordinated by Prof. Dr. Bahar Rumelili from the Department of International Relations of Koç University and Dr. Rahime Süleymanoğlu Kürüm from the Department of Sociology at Istanbul Gedik University. In the Project which will last until 2010, qualitative and quantitative data will be collected from the Turkish Ministry for Foreign Affairs, as well as the published memoirs and interviews of male and female diplomats. Preliminary findings of the project are published as two outputs: a chapter, ‘Women and Gender in Turkish Diplomacy: Historical Legacies and Current Patterns’ in the book ‘Gendering Diplomacy and International Negotiation’ by Palgrave Diplomacy Series and an article ‘Women and Hegemonic Masculinity in Diplomacy: Changing Norms and Practices’ has been published in Uluslararası İlişkiler journal in 2018.

Koç University Gender Studies Research Centre (KOÇ-KAM) 

Project Duration: 2016 – 2018

This Project is co-ordinated by Dr. Ayşegül Akdemir from the Department of Sociology at Istanbul Gedik University which looks at the role and status of women in the administration of the Alevi associations in Istanbul. The Project aims at understanding the extent to which the women were empowered by participating in the decision-making process, by developing solidarity with other women and by developing self-esteem. As for data collection for the Project, survey and interview method had been used. The outcomes of the project are in the process of being published as a book chapter by Koç University Press and disseminated in several academic conferences and publications.