Quality Management

Istanbul Gedik University Quality Policy:

In line with the mission, vision, goals and objectives of our university: to be sustainable, efficient and competitive in the fields of education and training, scientific research and social responsibility, to focus on superior performance, targeting international recognition and improving processes in cooperation and solidarity with all stakeholders.


To be an innovative, distinctive, value-generating, perfectionist global university that educates individuals who can shape the future with its distinguished teaching staff through sustainable education programs.


To be an education and research university that can produce universal values ​​by using scientific knowledge in the integrity of human, nature and technology.

Basic values Commitment to democracy and legal principles,

Respect for ethical principles,

Quality and efficiency,

Differentiation and making a difference,

Cooperation and integration with all stakeholders,

Innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship,

Cultural, artistic and social sensitivity,

Commitment to sustainable living principles.

Sensitivity to the environment and nature,