Turkish Language Application and Research Centre ( TOMER)

Turkish Language Teaching Application and Research Center (IGUN-TOMER) started its activities in 2018 to provide training according to the principles of the “Common European Framework of Reference for Languages”, which foresees a foreign language teaching and certification system based on language skills such as listening, writing, oral expression and mutual speech, published by the Council of Europe in 2001.

Language teaching in IGUN-TOMER is based on the development of four basic skills (reading, listening, speaking and writing) on ​​an equal basis. Instructional activities are supported by audiovisual means such as reflectors, DVD players, lesson materials specially prepared for all levels and etc. which are available in each class.

In IGUN-TOMER, the activities are planned for the students studying in Turkey to recognize Turkish culture and facilitating the living here and student-centered education model is adopted.

Students who succeed by attending the courses are entitled to receive the certificate of achievement signed by the Rectorate of Istanbul Gedik University. IGUN-TOMER certificates are accepted as reference in terms of determining the language level in many public institutions and private institutions.