19 Eyl 2022

The Openıng Ceremony of the Academıc Year 2022–2023 of the Istanbul GEDIK Unıversıty held on the 19th of September 2022

12 years ago, we set out to produce graduates who are open to continuous development, who are productive, self-confident, and who have the skills and competence to meet the employment needs of our country’s economy.

Today, we are a huge family with up to 8000 students, of which one thousand five hundred are postgraduates.

We will continue our work with enthusiasm, with our vision of excellence in education and contribution to the world of science, with our curriculum prepared in accordance with sustainable development goals.

On the first day of the new academic year, we held our opening ceremony with great excitement and happiness, together with our academics, 2000 new students and current students.

We wish the new academic year to bring success and beauty to our university, higher education and our country.

We would like to thank GEDIK Philharmonic Orchestra General Music Director, Cem Mansur, and the actress, Lale Mansur, for the first Opening lesson of the new term.