Programın Amacı

The Master’s Program in Visual Communication Design (with thesis) is an original and competent program that provides education at the level of expertise.

Increasing business volume and globalization of competition requires effective advertising-promotion-design and public relations studies to accompany digital design. The branding process and the need to create corporate identity, besides being present in social media, require using, designing, applying and putting forth products in the interactive media environment with the support of digital design tools, audiovisual-moving images and writing technologies.

The aim of the Master’s program in Visual Communication Design is; The course aims to specialize in the use of all interdisciplinary components of visual communication design, digital and interactive environments, social media, internet broadcasting, computer game platform, experimental and analytical approach to investigate, research, design and practice.

Visual communication design expertise training; scientific-artistic, aesthetic, social-cultural, economic, conceptual and mathematical aspects of research, research, creativity, originality and personality, entrepreneurship, ethics, and aims to be all people-oriented solutions. It aims to train experts in designing and managing communication systems, which enable the development and change of digital and interactive media design.

These experts and professional managers; can work in all kinds of national and international areas, public or private organizations, sector, enterprises and non-governmental organizations, competent in design and art, creative, original, experimental; they can take responsibility in areas that require management, make decisions, take risks, creatives, entrepreneurs, and take their place as people with features that can design experience.