Visual Communication Design

Program Description

The expansion of business volume and the globalization of competition necessitate effective advertising, promotion, design, and public relations activities that accompany digital design. The process of branding and the need to establish corporate identity require the use of visual, audio-visual, and textual technologies in interactive media environments with the support of digital design tools, beyond just existing on social media. To meet this need, the Thesis-Based Master’s Program in Visual Communication Design conducts theoretical and applied studies focused on visual arts, communication, design, and technology with a rich academic staff.

The goal of the Thesis-Based Master’s Program in Visual Communication Design is to specialize by effectively utilizing all interdisciplinary components of visual communication design, examining digital and interactive environments, social media, internet publishing, computer game platforms, through an experimental and analytical approach, and aiming to research, design, and implement them.

The specialized education in visual communication design aims to examine, research, be creative, original and distinctive, be entrepreneurial, ethical, and ensure that all solutions are human-centered, from a scientific-artistic, aesthetic, socio-cultural, economic, conceptual, and mathematical perspective. It aims to train experts and professionals who design, develop, and manage communication systems that enable the development and change of digital and interactive environment design. These experts and professional managers can work in various national and international fields, in public or private institutions, in the sector, in businesses, and in non-governmental organizations. They take their place as individuals who are competent in design and art, creative, original, experimental, able to take responsibility in management-required areas, capable of making decisions, risk-taking, creative, entrepreneurial, and experienced in design.

Our department graduates work in computer game design and animation companies, advertising, web design, corporate identity design companies, press, broadcasting, and public relations companies, visual design units of public institutions, design departments of local governments, book, magazine, and publishing, as well as media and printing organizations in cinema-TV sector. They can become art directors, visual art directors, advertising and product photographers, illustrators, digital and graphic designers, printed work designers for print shops, corporate communication and brand managers, communication specialists and managers, corporate identity designers, character designers, video-short film directors, digital communication specialists and managers, and academicians.

Program Structure

The thesis-based master’s program in Visual Communication Design consists of a total of 21 credits, including 7 courses, a seminar course, and a thesis work. The seminar course and thesis work are graded as pass or fail and carry no credits. The duration of the thesis-based master’s program is a minimum of four and a maximum of six semesters. Scientific preparation programs are not taken into account in the duration calculations, and periods during which a student is not registered are included in the maximum duration.

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