The Objectives Of The Program

Private Law Master Program with Thesis

Private Law Master Program, with its strong academic staff of experts and experienced lecturers in the field, has a participatory training approach in education which is not only limited to passive lecturing. In this context, the technical information to be gained in seminars and scientific research methods courses will be put into practice in other courses, as well as in written studies, primarily academic articles. Again, in the doctrine covered by the courses, it is aimed to penetrate all aspects of the subject by scrutinizing controversial areas and by conducting an exchange of ideas.

In this context, it is aimed to provide its students with an opportunity to strengthen their theoretical knowledge with the application of law and academic competencies in a free research environment and to receive education from professors in their fields. Thus, it is aimed to make the graduates of other faculties who are interested in law and private law equipped in this field, to strengthen road maps for their business life towards this field and to provide a new horizon that will facilitate them while performing their profession.