Private Law Master’s Without Thesis

Program Description

The non-thesis master’s program in private law aims to provide legal professionals who do not pursue an academic career with knowledge beyond their undergraduate level in the field of Private Law and enable them to stay updated on innovations in their professions. Those interested in Civil Law, Law of Obligations, Commercial Law, Maritime Commercial Law, Labor Law, Trademark and Patent Law, Insurance Law, Procedural Law, and other related fields can choose based on their sector of practice and develop themselves through research.

The Non-Thesis Master’s Program in Private Law is crucial for legal practitioners, such as lawyers, judges, prosecutors, legal consultants, or those serving in administrative roles at various levels of the government, who do not pursue an academic career. Keeping track of the constantly evolving and changing international and national legal science and legal regulations is highly important. The program aims to inform participants in this context and ensure the development of their practical skills.

Program Structure

The non-thesis master’s program in private law consists of a total of 30 credits, including 10 courses and a term project. The term project is non-credit and is graded as either successful or unsuccessful. The duration of the non-thesis master’s program is a minimum of two and a maximum of three semesters. Scientific preparation programs are not considered in duration calculations. Periods in which the student does not register are included in the maximum duration.


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