Application Conditions

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The quota for the Business Administration English/Thesis Master’s program has been filled.

Conditions we look for in candidates applying to our graduate program:

  • Graduating from a four-year undergraduate program.
  • A minimum score of 55 from the ALES-EA (Equal Weight) score type or an equivalent score from an equivalent exam.
  • Foreign Language Certificate (To have a minimum score of 55 from YDS or an equivalent score from an equivalent exam for application).

Required documents for application and registration to our graduate program:

  • Notarized copy of undergraduate diploma or graduate certificate to be obtained by e-government
  • The original or notarized copy of the License Transcript (Documents received from E-Government are accepted.)
  • ALES exam result (with Result Control Code)
  • Foreign Language Certificate
  • Original and photocopy of identity card
  • New dated Military Status Certificate for male candidates (Documents received from e-Government are accepted.)
  • 1 passport size Picture

Student Admission Criteria:

Admission to graduate programs is made by taking into account the ALES score, undergraduate grade point average and interview results. Success ranking is made among the candidates according to the scores obtained as a result of the sum of 50% of the ALES score, 20% of the undergraduate GPA and 30% of the interview. A main list equal to the program quota and a reserve list that will be registered in case the main list is not registered is announced. The student’s success grade must be at least 55 out of 100 points in admission to the master’s degree.

Fees, Scholarships and Discounts:

Program Fee 25.000 + VAT

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