About Institute

Istanbul Gedik University Institute of Graduate Studies was established by the Presidential Decision dated 22.10.2020 and numbered 3119. The aim of the institute is to provide graduate and doctorate education in the fields of graduate education in accordance with the graduate regulations and to bring the graduates to the national and international society as researcher and creative individuals who push the limits of science and technology, constantly monitor and evaluate the development, contribute to the technological development of our country and the world.

In the Fields of Science-Social-Health Sciences; in its graduate education and training, which consists of master’s and doctoral programs, it attaches importance to operating with an interdisciplinary approach in terms of both scientific studies and the service provided. At the same time, it also experiences the responsibility and honor of contributing to the trained manpower through master’s and doctoral programs. This responsibility and honor is not only valuable for our country, but also for the overall contribution to English programs. Providing the highest possible level of university-industry cooperation in the field of science, giving importance to interdisciplinary R&D researches are among the main duties of the institute. Our Institute aims to be an internationally respected and reliable institution that trains academics, entrepreneurs and creative senior professionals at international level, contributes to the development of science and technology with its academic potential and industrial facilities and laboratories, which are owned by its founding partners, and leads projects for the benefit of society.