Purpose of the Program

The purpose of the program; In the field of physical education and sports sciences, with a scientific researcher direction, equipped with theoretical and applied information, knowledge equipped with current technology, aware of the social and individual values ​​of the age, able to contribute to science at the national and international level, possess creative scientific thinking, graduate and doctorate degree in the field. envisages training sports training scientists.

On top of the undergraduate level studies of Physical Education and Sports Sciences which envisages an integrated education; It is an interdisciplinary program that aims to capture the scientific thinking dimension, to perceive the concepts and applications of sports education science, to develop knowledge and skills, to create methods by synthesizing the field accumulation and to gain competence at the level of expertise in all kinds of technical subjects. In addition to the core compulsory courses, elective courses from different disciplines are also included in the program.

Science Areas Covered by Physical Education and Sports Sciences

  1. Movement and Training Sciences
  2. Physical Education and Sports Teaching,
  3. Psycho-social fields in sports,
  4. Physical Activity for the Disabled,
  5. Sports Management and Recreation