Interior Architecture and Environmental Design

Program Description

Istanbul Gedik University offers two different options for a Master’s degree in Interior Architecture and Environmental Design: with thesis and without thesis. The rationale for these programs is to approach functional, structural, and aesthetic solutions that cater to all senses and allow for different experiences at a theoretical and academic level. Compared to similar disciplines in fine arts and architecture, there have been fewer scientific studies conducted and ongoing in this field. The aim is to enrich postgraduate studies in this discipline and elevate students’ knowledge and skills in the field of interior design to a postgraduate level.

In today’s world, individuals spend their lives in indoor spaces, and there is an increasing demand for interior designs that are efficient, multifunctional, environmentally and psychologically mindful, designed according to ergonomic and universal design principles, and offer functions that enable stronger and closer relationships with employees, customers, and consumers. While imparting knowledge that meets these requirements in interior design education, the conceptual dimension of the space is internalized through postgraduate studies at a theoretical level. In this respect, these two programs, with and without a thesis, aim to contribute to the training of designers who specialize in spatial design and spatial theory, emphasizing interdisciplinary interaction and discussing original ideas at the postgraduate level.

Graduates from departments such as Interior Architecture and Environmental Design, Interior Architecture, Industrial Product Design, Industrial Design, Graphic Design, Visual Communication Design, Cinema Television, Stage and Set Design, Landscape Architecture, Architecture, and Urban and Regional Planning can apply to our Master’s program. Our graduates continue their careers as academics at universities and research centers, as well as working at various public and private institutions in the design discipline in application and management positions.

Program Structure

The non-thesis Master’s program in Interior Architecture consists of a total of 30 credits, including 10 courses and a term project. The term project is non-credit and is graded as either pass or fail. The duration of the non-thesis Master’s program is a minimum of two and a maximum of three semesters. Scientific preparation programs are not considered in the duration calculations. Periods during which the student does not enroll are included in the maximum duration.

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