Interior Architecture and Environmental Design

In Istanbul Gedik University Interior Architecture and Environmental Design program, there are two different graduate options, with and without thesis. The idea of approaching at the theoretical and academic level to functional, structural and aesthetic solutions that will be brought to the search for unique spaces that appeal to all senses and allow different experiences is the rationale of these programs. It is aimed to enrich the graduate studies in this discipline which has less scientific researches compared to similar fine arts and architecture disciplines. It is also aimed to carry students’ knowledge and skills related to the field of interior architecture to the graduate level,

In today’s world, individuals’ lives continue indoors; Efficient, multifunctional, considering environmental and psychological factors, designed in line with ergonomics and universal design principles; The need for interior designs that offer functions that enable stronger and closer relationships with employees, customers and consumers has increased. While transferring information to meet these requirements in interior design education; The conceptual dimensions of the space are assimilated by graduate studies on a theoretical scale. In this direction, these two programs (with and without thesis) aim to contribute to the training of designers who care about interdisciplinary interaction and discuss original ideas at graduate level by specializing in the fields of space design and space theory.