Head Of Department’s Message

Dear students,

University years will be a period where you are prepared for your life by completing your vocational education and improving your social relations and where you will remember with longing.

In order to you to make the most of this period, our department will try to shed light on your life journey with its social facilities, intensive activity calendar and student-oriented projects while hosting you, our qualified students, on your career journey with its modern education-training approach, extensive research opportunities and experienced academic staff.

As the Department of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation of Istanbul Gedik University, our aim is to train physiotherapists who have received physiotherapy and rehabilitation training at universal level, who have internalized the ethical values of the physiotherapy profession, who have equipped with the necessary physiotherapy and rehabilitation knowledge, skills and competencies to identify, prevent, treat the movement and function disorders and to improve health related quality of life, who are considering the benefits of the society, who adopt the concept of health promotion, who have understood the value of the research, who possess lifelong learning and evidence-based practice skills, who can work interdisciplinary and cooperative, who can share their knowledge and who are competent in their field.

As Istanbul Gedik University Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Department, our goal is to be an institution that trains physiotherapists who will lead to the treatment of physical deficiencies, reduction of disability, prevention of functional limitations, improvement of health level and quality of life both individual and community basis.

I am pleased to accompany you our precious students who are at the beginning of their life and career journey, and wish you all success.