Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation

Istanbul Gedik University Faculty of Health Sciences, within which the Department of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation was established on March 7, 2018, commenced its educational activities in the 2018-2019 academic year.

Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation is a scientific field that deals with the treatment of movement disorders caused by various diseases, disabilities, and impairments that may have emerged during or after pregnancy, the restoration of lost functions, the acquisition of new functions in the body, the improvement of independence in daily life, the relief of musculoskeletal pain, and the enhancement of quality of life.

A physiotherapist is a healthcare professional who plans and implements preventive physiotherapy and rehabilitation programs for healthy individuals to maintain and enhance their health. They also determine the physiotherapy and rehabilitation needs of patients diagnosed by a physician using profession-specific measurement and evaluation methods. Physiotherapists plan and implement physiotherapy and rehabilitation programs for patients in accordance with their needs. To become a physiotherapist, successful completion of a 4-year undergraduate program that provides education in this profession is required. Graduates of the Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation program work as healthcare professionals who independently collaborate with other healthcare professionals, with an interdisciplinary approach.

The scope of work for physiotherapists is expanding day by day. These areas include orthopedic issues, neurological diseases, cardiovascular and respiratory diseases, rheumatological diseases, pediatric diseases, sports injuries, hand injuries, post-surgery problems, obstetric and urogynecological conditions, brain surgery, plastic surgery, and general surgery-related health problems, neonatology, premature birth, continuous care and resuscitation, home care, intensive care, pain management, and preventive rehabilitation, among others.

After completing a total of 240 ECTS credits of courses by the end of the 8th semester, our students gain the competence to make decisions on physiotherapy and rehabilitation applications in various settings. These include public and private hospitals, clinics, health centers, sports organizations and clubs, health, sports, and fitness centers, healthy lifestyle centers, public health centers, schools, schools for disabled children, special education and rehabilitation centers, private medical centers, specialized centers, care and education centers for children and the elderly, rehabilitation centers for individuals with mental, visual, and auditory disabilities, municipalities, ministries, and home care centers. After graduating, they earn the title of ‘physiotherapist’.

In addition to clinical practice, physiotherapists can pursue their academic advancement by enrolling in graduate and doctoral programs and conducting research in their field.

The Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Department’s curriculum encompasses comprehensive assessment and measurement methods, the application of these methods, the organization of the results obtained, the implementation of physiotherapy and rehabilitation programs, and evidence-based practices and community-based rehabilitation knowledge, skills, and competencies. The curriculum is designed with consideration for the importance of interdisciplinary work, informed, ethical, humanistic, and professional approaches.

Our Mission

In the light of universal and cultural values, our mission is to educate competent professionals who respect human rights, possess lifelong learning, teaching, and communication skills, acquire expertise in the field of both profession and science, achieve professional autonomy, conduct multidisciplinary studies, and offer physiotherapy rehabilitation services for the benefit of society.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a respected and leading department that produces effective services and policies to enhance public health and quality of life, recognized and cited on international scientific platforms, while contributing to the community’s benefit through physiotherapy rehabilitation services.