Head Of Department’s Message

Dear young people,

It is not easy to choose a department that will determine your career, career and future.  I feel that excitement right now. But in this decision, the feeling of curiosity, and the area of interest, reviewing high school years, is the right way to get to know yourself.

Yes, the colors give meaning to your life and you are being touched. If you look at the sun, you renew your life energy with the colors that warm the interior. I’ve been interested in the graphical shapes and formats you were interested in. When you look at the walls, you don’t have to do graffiti. You love or criticize Banksy’s illustrations and drawings. You’ve been playing games in LEGO Batman, Captain America, Playstation-4 and XBox from an early age, and you’ve even disrupted your classes. Your dream was always to get an MSI or design on the iMac. You’re looking forward to the GTA 6 coming out. Sometimes you have written small notes with gauze on the marble walls while chatting with your friends at the gates. How many times have your apartment managers go after you! They thought, “Who is this talent?”.

You are aware of the inclination to computer and digital technologies, and the issues that attract the most attention to you are between virtual reality and artificial intelligence. You want to catch the age. You want to create characters in Interactive Cinema, Computer games, or even write games, screenplays.

We offer you the opportunity to study in one of the most contemporary professions in the world. If you are interested in contemporary-new professions, if you have interest and love, watching and playing games with Twitch Publisher, draw graffiti, illustration-cartoon, shoot video, upload to Google..  If you are interested in Computer design programs.

Painting, Graphics, Graphic Design, Printing and Graphic Design, etc. training in areas, You are a graduate of Fine Arts High Schools, Vocational High Schools and the relevant departments of Basic High Schools, You’re a candidate for Visual Communication Design, be ready!

                                                                                                          Professor. Hayriye KOÇ BAŞARA

                                                                                           Head of Visual Communication Design Department